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Car and Truck typecasting

Post here for your typecast driver-car combo. I’ll start a few.

Big 4x4 early 80’s chevy truck, with mr mullet slouching in the front seat, sometimes with a nice cold one in hand.

College teach or white coller government workers in their honda, or prius. Usualy dressed nicely, are passive agressive drivers, and belive they are saving the world one MPG at a time.

Anyone got other good ones?

Pontiac Trans-Am Chevy Camaro : I have switchblade in my pocket and a loaded .44 Python under the seat

Volvo V70: My wife intimidates me

Subaru Outback wagon : I’m on my way to the Melissa Etheridge concert

Chevy Corvette: I have many gold chains, and I bathe in Aqua Velva

Ford Crown Vic: I live for bingo and enjoy having dinner at 4:00 PM

Toyota Prius : I’m going to tell you about what great gas mileage I get whether you want to hear about it or not.

Any Jaguar: I have put 3 of my mechanic’s kids through college

VW Jetta: I like telling people I have a German car.

Lotus Elise : I like telling people about what a great driver I am

VW Bus : I find hills challenging and I’m always cold in the winter.

Ford Super Duty : I’m more manly than you could ever hope to be.

Chrysler 300 : I think 24 inch wheels are too small.

Smart Car : I am immune to the laws of physics.

GMC Sierra : My truck is professional grade unlike those amateur grade Chevys.

Ford Excursion : I really should have a commercial endorsement on my permit to drive this thing…but I don’t.

Cadillac Escalade: I’m a pimp

Cadillac Cimarron : I’m an unsuccessful pimp

Pontiac Azetek : Don’t laugh, it could happen to you.

Mercedes-Benz 600 : I am a deposed African warlord

Any Ferrari : It’s unlikely I have the necessary skill to drive this car properly

Any Dodge product: I live at Walmart and yell at my kids a lot.

Saab: I’m still paying off my student loan for medical school.

FoDaddy, yours were great!

Any bright yellow vehicle ; the alfa-male show off.

an aside ;
( Despite all the subaru outbacks in the parking lot, A Melissa Etheridge concert in the mid 90s is still the best concert I’ve seen. THREE HOURS of Melissa Etheridge on two stages at both ends of the arena, not a bad seat in the house, no warm up band, no intermission, no silly special effects. )

These are not very politically correct, but I will throw them out there anyway.

Any full-sized pickup: Don’t drive too closely, I may spit tobacco juice on your car.

Old beat up police cruiser: I may drive like an idiot, but if you pull me over, I will play the race card.

Any pickup truck with a lift kit and a college mascot sticker: I didn’t go to college, but I could have!

Late 1980s or early 1990s Honda Civic: I could afford a new car, but I am too darn cheap.

Any late model Volvo: I buy a safe car so I can drive like an idiot and not worry about it.

Any BMW: I have to drive recklessly fast so I don’t feel so foolish for spending so much money on a car.

Prius: I have to drive really slowly or I might feel foolish about spending so much on a car that doesn’t get such great fuel economy.

O.K. psych class, try to typecast this one. ( maybe the stereotypes really are accurate. Profilers use this stuff. )

3 trucks in the driveway ;
2006 Ford Escape hybrid, awd
1992 Ford Explorer 4x4
1979 Chevy pickup ( 1/2 ton, 2wd, short stepside )

Who do find at home ?

Class ‘A’ motorhome. - I have no clue how to drive a greyhound bus, but here I am, once or twice a year.

Two ton rental truck. - I have NEVER driven anything bigger than a Buick.

Honda civic hybrid, Ford Escape hybrid. - Just another car on the road.

But a Toyota Prius, Everyone must know I’m driving a hybrid, they MUST, they really must know.

I think you would find a southern Caucasian woman whose sons are deployed in the military.

It appears that they have 1) kept each car they bought since 1979 or 2) have the escape for the husband or wife to go to work in, the Exp for the stay-at-home mom?-Dad? And the 'ol chev for doin stuff on the weekends (perhaps the son’s car)
I would bet you would find 30 odd year old parents and 12 and under children though.
(or maybe you)

Ford Expedition-I never take my car off-road. I’m a soccer mom and I need an 8 seater vehicle for my 2 kids.

From the first Gas Crisis back in the 70’s.

Any Muscle Car - I can pass anything on the road…except a gas station.

Intrestingly enough, those people who held on to their muscle cars in the 70’s made out like bandits in the end.

Chevy Corvette or most Porshe especially a new one:

I am over 50 wishing I was truly young.

Late 1980s or early 1990s Honda Civic: I could afford a new car, but I am too darn cheap.

Myself and my then fiancee a few years back to a tee.

I know…and I wish I kept mine.

“Who do find at home ?”

Just one persone - with Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Good one here :slight_smile:

Expedition, Yukon, Explorer etc TWO WHEEL DRIVE…- White people from back east.

'73 Chevy station wagon: “This should do well next week in the county fair’s demolition derby”

Volvo sedan or wagon: Pay attention to my bumper stickers (Have you hugged a tree today?, It is impossible to both prepare for and prevent war, Greenpeace, Coexist, Earth First, Carter was right, etc.)

or "I’m on Viagra and know the 3 words women want to hear ‘I. Have. Money’ "