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Car and bike show

looking for suggestions for a ‘‘cool’’ car and bike show name that is being held at a harley davidson dealership

You can look at the suggestions for the Car Talk cartoon show:

How about “combat commuting?” I have based this on the “combat touring” poster like the one pictured below.

Something with “iron,” “steel,” and/or “chrome” would be good, like “Chrome Addiction” or “American Iron.”

Stock, custom, or both? The name could convey something about the exhibits.

how about
"Sedans & Softtails"
“Hardtails & Hot Rods”
“Twin V’s & V8’s”
“Baggers & Bombers”
“Horn rings & Handlebars”
“Chopped Tops & Choppers”

hope this helps, please send royalties and naming rights to charities.

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