Naming my 2008 Mustang Gt Shelby Convertable

Needing some help with a name for her.


I can only wish I had such a problem.

Her color would be a help. IE. Blue-Blue Dun, Red-Bay or Roan. I, myself own “The Blue Nag” she’s an '87.

Ms. Prone-to-breakge?


“Indentured Servitude”? :slight_smile:

First let me say that I drive BMWs and there are very few American cars that I find even mildly interesting. However, I LUST after Shelby Mustangs. You have a very cool ride.

My all-time favorite name for a car is Rocinante (“Ro S? Nan T?”) That was the name of Don Quijote’s horse.

My all time favorite personalized license plate was:
As in "Give me a fast ship, for I go in harm’s way."
I saw this California plate on a Porsche 944 about 25 years ago.

I worked with a man 80’s, whose wife/ex-wife had an early Mustang, and she called it Horsey. If it snowed, she would take a large blanket and cover Horsey to keep him (him!) warm. He would heckle her, “Horsey is cold and shivering in the cold.” She would almost have a conniption fit, poor Horsey.

Horsey got wrecked, probably not Horsey’s fault. The insurance said it was totaled. She took the check and had Horsey rebuilt, adding thousands of dollars to the insurance check.

I heard years later, Horsey got cut into two pieces in a terrible wreck, probably also not Horsey’s fault. She survived, but since at this point no amount of money could put Horsey together again, she rented a storage garage and the last I heard Horsey was still there. I suppose she visits him on Sunday and holidays.

This has nothing to do with Shelby Mustangs, but my favorite license plate was on the back of a Corvette driven by a very attractive blond woman.

The plate read WAS HIS

How about naming your car Carol?