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Car alarm question

I am looking for an alarm system for a 2010 honda element. In doing my research, i am finding that the way to get an alarm is a combination remote start and alarm. Which is the way to go , alarm system on its own or combination remote start and alarm?

Nobody pays any attention to car alarms so they have little value…But if you feel you must have one, it should be a factory-installed unit…The aftermarket alarms and remote starters tend to suffer from botched installations and system failures that can really mess up a cars electrical system and open the door for rejected warranty claims…

Doesn’t the 2010 Element already have a factory security system? I wouldn’t add anything eles.

Do you want it to have a remote start? If so, get the combo. If not, get the standalone alarm. I like paging alarms. As Caddyman said, no one pays attention to car alarms, but it’s nice to have them page you when something happens, because the cops will pay attention.

I personally like Compustar alarms.

As to botched installation, arguing against installing an alarm because the technician might botch the install is kind of like arguing against getting an oil change because the mechanic might forget to put the filter on. Find a good tech, and if it gets messed up, make him fix it.