Do you have car alarm installed on a brand new vehicle?

If buying a brand new 2015 vehicle, would you have a car alarm installed on it? Or is that an ‘old school’ practice?

I probably wouldn’t simply b/c of all the problems posted here about faulty aftermarket alarm systems preventing the car from starting, or preventing the door from being opened, etc.

If I wanted an alarm system, I’d want one designed by the car’s manufacturer and preferably installed at the time the car was made.

I guess it depends on the vehicle. The ones I’m likely to buy have them on already. For instance, my 2005 Accord EX V6 has a standard car alarm. i would grudgingly use the dealer since it might void the warranty if you use a local shop. Is it available as a factory option on the car you want? If so, look for one with the option installed.

Nowadays many vehicles have the RFID chips in keys. Plus, Lo-jack. Do those two replace the old methods of using car alarms? What else do new car owners use to protect their autos?

I just chose to live in area with next to zero crime. But most cars these days have transponder keys that won’t allow the fuel pump to activate unless a properly programed key is within a few inches of the ignition. Virtually all cars with a remote key fob have some sort of OEM passive security alarm.

Probably not. The really serious professional car thieves won’t be deterred, and casual thieves have a hard time stealing any modern car.

^Note that most anti-theft systems work by stopping the engine from running. There are certainly ways of stealing a car without getting it running! (There was a pretty good theft ring going around here using tow truck to pick up cars broken down along the highway.)

Anyways…were/are stolen cars really all that common? I haven’t had one taken; i haven’t known anyone who has, either. Broken into; sure–but not taken. Seems to me, a lot of the elaborate systems cost more than the risk they reduce; i.e. spending $1,000 to eliminate a 1% chance of a $25,000 car being taken is a poor risk assessment.

I agree with Mark. Today’s cars are pretty secure against joyriders, and pros won’t even be slowed down. They just back a tilt-bed up it, drag it up, and drive away. And they’re mostly interested in cars they can “chop up” and sell the parts on for repair work. Or they ship them offshore for resale.

I never advise anyone to add an “aftermarket” anything to any vehicle and this definitely includes security systems. Besides…in this day and age…no one pays attention to a blaring, horn honking, lights flashing security system. They really don’t other than being annoyed at 3 o’clock in the morning. Modern vehicles don’t like their wiring being spliced and most aftermarket security systems are packaged with plenty of wiring splices.

I wouldn’t for the reasons already given. I do get a laugh when somebody on a show or move hotwires a car by touching some wires they ripped out from under the dash. Not quite that easy!

An aftermarket alarm will only protect whatever is inside your car. The best solution is don’t keep anything valuable in the car, and especially not in plain sight.

Don’t park in bad neighborhoods and keep your insurance payments up to date. Everyone ignores car alarms anyway.

We regularly get posts here from people whose vehicles won’t work right since they had an aftermarket security system installed…
We also get posts from people who bought used cars with aftermarket systems that won’t run right. My guess is that the original owner gave up and got rid of it.
I recommend against it.

I’m with the crowd. I don’t think aftermarket security systems (or remote starters) are worth the risk of hard-to-fix gremlins.

Keeping all property out of sight at all times is probably more effective anyway.

What kind of vehicle are you considering that doesn’t have an integrated factory alarm? They’re pretty ubiquitous these days. If you’re worried about theft, buy a “Club” or similar, and never leave laptops, etc. in your car, even if they’re not in plain sight.