Car alarm auto lock after starting

My husband and I purchased a 2003 Mazda protege 5 last fall and it came with a premier defense car alarm. When you start the car the doors automatically lock after 10 seconds. We want to have this feature disabled. There is no owners manual for the car alarm. Do we have to take the car to the dealer, or is it a simple thing that we could do ourselves? Thanks


I’m not sure which you want to disable. The door locking or the car alarm. These two aren`t working as one are they.

If you are able to locate a manual and it explains the door locking code programming, you may do it yourself.

You might want to ask around the used car lots (that sell Mazdas) for a 2001 to 2003 or 4 Mazda owners manual. Just an idea is all.

If you talk real nice they MAY even let you look in the manual for your answer. I doubt you’ll be able to buy it there though.

The people who install car alarms (automotive electrical shop) may be able to help you.