Freon leaking somewhere

We filled the air conditioner up with freon about a week ago. It has been really cold, and yesterday, it just quit getting cold all of the sudden.

I bought some sealer, leak detector to put in, but I am not sure how to do this.

Do I put that stuff in first, and then the freon, or do I put freon in and then put the sealer in.

Thanks, Julie


The only proper way to solve this problem will be to take the car to a shop that has a good a/c technician working there. This does not include every place that has a banner out front that says “a/c recharge here” like the quick lube places. You need a real shop with a real a/c technician. A leak that large should be easy to find, and will probably be found right away. Those DIY a/c recharge kits should NEVER be used, especially the ones with stop leak in them. They normally leave the system either way overcharged or way undercharged. Sealant will cause your system more harm than good. There is a lot more to a/c than many people realize, including the companies that make those DIY recharge kits.

Do yourself a favor and have a shop check it. Those sealers only help certain kinds of leaks, and only for a while, and can really gum up the system, causing sensors to stop working. Spend $100 now or hundreds more later having more parts replaced.

Would love to have the money to have someone find the problem and fix it for me.

I went without air for 7 years in my other car, guess I can do it again.