Can't remove my key

I accidentally turned off my car while driving down the road. I put it in neutral and it started back up fine. Now when i got home it was difficult to put into park and now i cant remove my key from the ignition. Also the translock doesnt work sometimes now. I dont have to use the brake to put it in gear. This is on a 2006 ford fusion

Isn’t there some way to defeat the trans/brake interlock? A little button you push on the steering column? Look in your owner’s manual maybe. If so, pushing it may reset all the gadgets related to the key/brake/and transmission again. If that doesn’t work, turn the key to “off”, then try disconnecting the battery negative overnight. That will reset all the computers. You may need to have a dealership figure it out, but worth a shot anyway.

Remember that if the shifter is not firmly in Park position, you can’t remove the key.

Will try this tonight thank you

It sounds like your shift cable may be coming apart and changing the distances the shifter needs to throw to reach each segment of the gate. You can disconnect the shifter cable from both ends and move it back and forth to see if there is any kind of strange feeling to moving the cable back and forth. The interlock may not be able to function because the shifter is actually in a slightly different position than it used to be…(possibly due to the cable integrity). There may be a new shift cable in your future. Something to investigate anyway.

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