Gas tank won't accept gas - pump shuts off


I’m not able to fill up my '99 4Runner (141K). First the fuel gage broke - the gas level shows Full until 120 miles driven and then the gage goes down only to show 1/2 tank is full.

Few days later I was not able to fill up completely, the pump would shut off after few gallons. To put more gas in I had to go 1/10 of a gallon at a time - really annoying. I?m still able to fill up the tank almost completely; however, it takes about 15 min to put in 10 gallons.

We’ve blown some air into the gas vent, hoping to burp the tank. It did, and some gas came out but nothing is changed, the pump still shuts off.

Have you guys seen this before? What?s wrong? It really feels like a vapor or an object is obstructing the flow.




Are you in the habit of topping off the tank once the shut off clicks the first time?

If you check your owner’s manual you will likely find that it warns you against this. It tends to damage the carbon filter and that can cause the problem you have. If this is the case, you will need to replace the filter.

It also sounds like you may have a bad fuel level sensor. The only fix for that is to replace it.