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Can't listen on computer anymore

I have both Vista and XP computers with the Windows and Norton both with automatic updates enabled. In the last 3-4 weeks, I can’t listen to Car talk on either computer. I suspect the auto update. What program do I need to listen to Car talk in internet? RealPlayer, WMP, ???


Long time listener, recently registered

Florida ED

It works fine for me. Perhaps there is a problem with your computer. Perhaps you should seek technical assistance from a company like Geek Squad or Computer Renaissance.

I can’t tell which player it uses.

In France I able to listen to the show using windows vista in Dutch. Using windows xp in English on the same computer it will not work. In Belgium No luck using Vista in English on one computer. Using windows xp and linux on a second computer nothing works. I can listen to everything else except car talk. Too bad as it was my best program. It looks like car talk had a good thing with real player but just had to screw it up switching to flash 10. What a bumer

I will put a plug in for my computer people. Cyberdefender I have a 3 yr plan unlimited technical support for 4 computers (and anything electronic) cost me $452.00. I have recieved much more than that in service. I once got a trojan agent,took 7hrs support (scans and reinstalls) but they got it out.

You problem could be driver related,another plug for Driver Detective,solved a service pack 2 (XP)audio problem.

I like to do my own computer work,but I have learned so much from watching the remote sessions I think I can discontinue my plan at the end of it,its like training to watch them work.

How about picking it up from one of the many US Public Radio Stations that rebroadcast their live signal on the Internet? Mostly, they will carry CarTalk at 1000 local time on Saturday, but some broadcast it at other times. Vermont Public Radio carries CarTalk at 1000EST (1500UCT?) on Saturdays.

Do you try to listen from this page?

Go to ‘email and chat’ and click on ‘send email’ to ask for help.

Sometimes you have to reboot the computer before the speakers will work when you enable them. Go to my computer, control panel, sounds and then tab audio and select which system you use.

I have found a way. I downloaded it as a potcasts in Itunes and it plays great. In fact it downloaded 2 shows which are the ones that I missed. Give that a try and maybe happy times will be back again. They had a good system using realplayer but they had to screw that up. Flash is just a flash