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Key stuck in ignition

everty car my 16 year old daughter drives results in the key getting stuck in the ignition. is she doing somethig wrong, if so, what or is it just coincidence and how do i get them out

What kind of car? I’ve seen these with Volvo’s, when the shift lock override button is pressed, but doesn’t ‘pop’ back up. Until the button is pried up, the key will not be released.

On a lot of other cars, like Toyota’s, Ford’s, and Chevy’s, the gear shift must be completely in park to release the key.

One of the worst things I have seen people do with their car keys is open boxes/packages with them,sometimes the tape sticks to the key and then gets inserted into the lock cylinder

In how many vehicles has your daughter had this problem, and what make and model are they?

This just happened with my Volvo today. How do you pry the button up? Do you have to take it to the mechanic to have it pried up?

Sometimes pulling the steering wheel from side to side as you manipulate the key will get it loose. I saw it in an old Maxims and a Civic. If you turn the steering wheel to the locked position with the key in the ignition, the tension in the steering column jams the key.

As she is parking, she is turning the steering wheel some degrees off-center, and leaving a tire jammed on a parking block, or curb. This puts tension on the key and makes it difficult to remove the key. You need to relieve the tension by pulling, or pushing, the steering wheel clockwise, or counterclockwise. Sometimes, the tension is considerable.