Can't get fuel pump in 2001 chevy s10 4.3 2wd

Hi. I cant get the fuel pump in my truck. The gasket is too big. I bought a new one and still doesn’t fit. I’ve used grease to help get it in. The pump is a delphi fg0070. I bought it on amazon.

I have never replaced a fuel pump in. Is there a trick to getting it in? I put a lot of force on it and it wont sit flush. Thanks for any advice. I’m putting a link up to pump I bought.

No tricks and I don’t understand your problem. Is the assembly in but you can’t get the lock ring in place? Or you can’t get the assembly all the way into the tank?

will the pump sit flush with the gasket not installed? (Don’t actually install it this way, but you can test fit to make sure it isn’t too tall or too big of a circumference.)

If so- you just gotta manhandle it til it goes. It is a pain. The gasket keeps flammable gasses from leaking out- so it has to be tight. Get it started, make sure the lock ring is started all the way around, and then tap it in, It is not always easy.

Hi thanks for the response. It does sit flush without the gasket. I’ll give it a try

Thanks people. I just put the old gasket in and it went right in.

I hope that old gasket is in great shape . . . if not, you might get a check engine light and an evap leak code


yep, and then you’ll be doing this whole procedure over again to put in a new gasket.

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