Can't find Anti-freeze leak in my Jeep

I have a 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport with 108,000 miles on it. There’s anti-freeze leak I can’t find. I put in some three times already and it’s just eating it up. I don’t see where the leak is coming from.

The leak could be INTERNAL, from the cooling system into one or more of the cylinders (head gasket failure). If small, it would be undetectable from the exhaust. If larger, it would show up as white vapor after the engine is warmed up!

Suggest you look at the exhaust color; there should not be any with the engine warmed up.

Then have a pressure test done on the cooling system, and a compression test on the engine. Either or both will find the leak.

Good luck!

I had that problem with a 92 Taurus I owned. I don’t see any white smoke coming from the exhaust.

Check your oil right away to see if it looks normal or like a chocolate milkshake.

Fill up the radiator carefully so you don’t spill any, drive the car normally, and park over a sheet of cardboard in a garage. If there is no antifreeze on the cardboard the next day, you have an internal leak. If your motor oil looks like a milkshake it is in your engine. If your transmission fluid looks like that (automatic) it is the oil cooler inside your radiator.

You could also be losing coolant through the water pump weep hole. It’s hard to see and you may need an inspection mirror to check it. If you see brown streaks coming from the weep hole(s) then that may be the area that’s leaking.

Wow, these are all great suggestions. Thank you all!