99 jeep grand cherokee

I have to add antifreeze to the system about every two months. I never have any fluid under the vehicle and don’t ever smell antifreeze as I’m driving.

Whats going on, and can it be fixed?

There may be a crack inside the engine that allows the engine coolant to leak into the cylinder. Check the oil to see if it has an unusual color. It should be brown to black. If it has a creamy or greenish tint, you may have found your leak. A head gasket my have blown or there may be a crack in the engine block.

It could be due to a very small external leak under pressure or possibly a headgasket leak.

If you open the hood After the car has been fully warmed up, can you smell antifreeze? Could be a small leak in the radiator plastic end tanks if so equipped.

Thanks for the info but I don’t have any foamy greenish tint to my oil and I don’t smell any antifreeze.
The radiator is about 6months old.
I guess the Jeep is just thirsty!

find the water pump. carefully look with a flashlight (after you shut off the engine) for the small weep hole on the water pump. these holes are the indicator holes which let you know if the water pump is about to go. (they start weeping, then really leaking)

the odd thing is the leak starts out so small, the anitfreeze can boil off the hot engine, so you dont actually get a drip visible on the ground.

also, look on the frame, supports and underbody, sometimes antifreeze just hangs on, and doesnt really drip alot.

A healthy engine cooling system doesn’t “get thirsty”. It has a leak. A leak won’t get smaller. A cooling system pressure test will reveal where the leak(s) is.

A pressure test is, indeed, what you need to do first. Autozone will lend you one or maybe another parts store has a rental program. They are easy to use.