Anti freeze leak

A few days ago, I discovered a small puddle of anti-freexe in my driveway coming, it seemed, from the rear of the engine. When I took the car to the machanic, he did a thorough check of the under side of the car, the hoses, clamps, etc and found no evidence of a leak whatsoever. He ran a test to check the temperature at which the fan kicked on and that registered within the normal temperature range. Since than, I have seen no more puddles of anti0-freexe beneath my car. Any ideas about what may have caused the original leak? Should I be investigating alternative causes?

Did he pressure check the system? Leaks can occur only when the engine is very hot and then disappear when it is cooler. I would wait and see if it returns before spending a lot of time investigating possible causes.

I think at this point you’ve done all you can do, assuming that the mechanic also check carefully for crusty spots on teh adiator and did a pressure check, however you may want to keep an eye on your cooling fluid level, your temp gage, and your driveway. It’s been my experience that if there really was a leak, it’ll reappear.

Thanks, However, the leak was not near the radiator which is what puzzled me. The temp gauge has bee ok, and so far the cooling fluid level has been fine. Is it possible that there’s a head gasket problem - I ask because the puddle was under the engine.

Was there someone else that parked in your drive recently? They may be the one that has the problem!

If someone else parked there, I would not know as I would not have been at home - I live alove.

Maybe friends? I’m just graspping at this point!

Thanks for grasping!! I had no visitors at the time of the leak. Of course, it is possible for someone to have parked in my carport when I was gone - I am hoping that is what happened. In the meantime, I continue to check for any signs of leaks.
I was told by a neighbor that sometimes the anti -freeze is sucked throught the engine to the exhaust pipe because of a faulty head gasket and that I should look for a white residue inside the exhaust pipe. Ever heard of that?

I’ve seen head gaskets leak externally, which I guess is better than having them leak internally. I suppose it’s possible that your heater core is leaking and the water is somehow going down the hose that drains condensation from the air conditioning evaporator. I had this happen on a Ford Maverick with factory air. I also had an intake manifold gasket leak coolant externally on a 1993 Oldmobile 88. Keep your eyes on the coolant level and keep your eyes open on your driveway for coolant leaks.

The question remains, did he do a pressure test? I have personally had this problem (slow leak from unknown area) two or three times. It was either a water pump or casting (freeze) plug.