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Candy Bar in a gas tank?

What would happen to a car if you put a king size snickers candy bar in it???

Unless you shredded the candy bar, I don’t believe that it would be possible to get a king-sized candy bar through the very narrow gas filler neck.

you would get a trouble code p1445,exhaust gas sweet condition.


Nothing. The fuel tank strainer will keep the peanuts out of the pump and fuel system.
If you have an issue with someone then confront them face to face rather than pull a childish vindictive prank.

Packed with peanuts, gasoline really satisfies

You’ve heard of "sweet crude oil? Well, this would be “sweet refined oil”.
Put watching Myth Busters on your “must watch” tv list. They do this kind of stuff.

good one!

What would happen to the car? Or what would happen to the person? Because if I caught someone doing something like that to my car, they’d catch a louisville slugger up the back of the head.

dont BE shy! (UP the BACK of the HEAD,is that like an upper cut with a BAT???}or a slider???

how do you really FEEL!


That’d be the eloquent way in which we rural-types express our defensiveness over automobiles. Terms such as “up 'side”, “down along” “'round under”, new parts of speech are invented and put in to the common vocabulary all of the time. :slight_smile:

If the bar/wrapper stays together it shouldn’t hurt anything but it might dissolve into some sort of sludge that could very well clog things up. Why not buy a candy bar and put it in a small container of gasoline and see what happens?

You could “google” it

Your lab experiment for this week, is to see if sugar, or caramel, will dissolve in gasoline. I honestly don’t know. If it won’t, then, the candy bar (having a specific gravity greater than gasoline) will just sink harmlessly to the bottom of the tank.
Not establishing sugar’s solubility in gasoline, invalidates the Myth Busters’ test of pouring lots of sugar into a tank of gasoline fueling an engine. The engine kept running…never missing a beat; but, did the sugar dissolve?