Removing sugar from the gas tank of a 1993 GMC S-15 Jimmy

How to remove sugar from your gas tank

There’s no reason.

Sugar doesn’t mix with gasoline.

It just settles to the bottom of the gas tank below the fuel pump pick-up filter.


Might have to change the fuel filter a few times

Interesting that Snopes’ sources included Tom and Ray and the NYT. Hee hee. I seem to remember having this conversation a few years ago.

What was that stuff they used to destroy cars during the great used car slaughter some years ago?

Ah, sodium silicate in the oil. Another great idea by our DC friends. Maybe someone made a killing on sodium silicate stock? Worth a look anyway.

At any rate it appears the answer is either leave it alone or pull the tank and dump it out.

If you’re certain the tank has been sugared then the best method is to remove the tank and do some serious blasting at the car wash.