Saran wrap in gas tank


I’ve heard of the possibility of this. I think someone has put saran wrap in my gas tank. Is it possible for it to damage my engine?


what makes you think that?


Well my neighbors mentioned this to me a couple of weeks ago caused it happened to them when they moved into the area. And I heard from a co-worker that this was possible, he told me that the mechanic or whose ever looking at the car will never be able to find out whats wrong with the car and the car would eventually have to be replaced. My neighbors were never able to find out what the problem was and one of them had to replace there car. Does saran wrap have this kind of power?


Oh and to add to that my car has been having the same problems my neighbors cars had when they had this problem!


i can think of several possibilities (aside from urban legend)

  1. the plastic wrap could dissolve in the gasoline and create problems downstream. I’m not enough of a chemist to comment on that.

  2. The plastic wrap could wrap itself around the fuel intake and stop the gasoline flow.

Note there are different formulations for plastic wrap, and they could all behave differently in gasoline:

PVC, Polyvinyl chloride
PVdC, Polyvinylidene chloride
LDPE, Low-density polyethylene
they can have other chemicals added for various features.


If your car has a locking gas door and it hasn’t been tampered with, you can eliminate the seran wrap idea. I honestly don’t know if gas would dissolve Seran Wrap, and if so would it stay in suspension beyond the line filter. You could test its resistance to dissolving yourself with a coffee can, a bit of gas, and some Seran Wrap. If it doesn’t dissolve, then it would simply plug the pump input screen and may fry the pump.

So, what are your car’s symptoms? And make, model, year, engine, and mileage?


what were the problems?


Im going to test that coffee can suggestion when I get home, I will get back to you soon Im at work right now I really cant talk that much thank you.


No, Saran wrap in your gas tank will not affect your engine. In fact, the most likely result from a leaf of Saran wrap in your gas tank is – nothing at all.

If a neighbor had car problems and eventually replaced his car, we will never know the true cause. I’d bet on Lizardman urinating in the gas tank before I’d accept the Saran wrap theory.

I don’t know how long it would take the gasoline to dissolve the plastic, but by the time it reaches the combustion chamber it will be in molecular form – and ignited as fuel, just like any hydrocarbon molecule.

If you are having car problems, look elsewhere… not at any Saran wrap nonsense.


Do you realize how difficult it would be to force Saran Wrap down the siphon-proof filler neck of your car? If I was playing a joke I wouldn’t invest that much time at the victim’s property. There is a spring like device in your filler neck that makes most cars siphon proof. I think it would be more likely that you and your neighbors bought gas at the same station. The scientific test about gas in a coffee can is an idea, but can you really duplicate the movement of gas in your tank in a coffee can? Do you have that much time? Even if the saran wrap is not oil based and therefore oil soluable then the corrosive properties of the gas (And addititves)would probably desolve it. Best way to stop neighborhood shinnanigans…my 64 vette was joy-riden by the neighbor kid, I know it was him! Luckily I got the car back in one piece. I still park it in the same place except I now have a .45 round balanced in plain view on the dashboard. Shinnanigans cured! But, change the fuel filters and buy your gas somewhere else.


Impressive bit of knowledge on the plastic wrap. Did you have to look that up?


you have posted your fear. now post your reasons why you think this is the case.

has your car been acting funny?

how many miles? what else has happened to your car recently?

have you had any repair work in the last year? (be honest)

what year car? what model? what engine?


your first response is pretty indicative of paranoia. stop listening to “whose ever” and “my neighbors.” take the car to a mechanic. have them check it out and fix what ails it.

but honestly… why would you ask this question? what would cause this to happen?


that’s what the internet is for…