Can you spot the bodywork?

It’s very subtle, but if you have a trained eye, you might be able to spot the expertly-done bodywork.


I am thinking that insurance was not involved… :roll_eyes:


That’s a great looking car to drive. You can park and leave it running with the windows open and go inside at the donut shop with no worries.


The only thing I notice is that bottom trim piece doesn’t match. I don’t know about the blending of the paint. My wife says I’m not very good at selecting colors.


The folks who did that 3-tone job seemed quite adept at color matching, even taking into account the matching a complementary color to the stripe on the road :slight_smile:

There has to be a great story here.

I like the spray foam. It’s artfully done.

I respectfully disagree, the spray foam should have been artfully trimmed with a hunting knife.

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I cannot believe they put Chevy tires on a Ford truck. I noticed it right away! :wink:

If those are Chevy wheels, there’s an awful lot of mid 2000’s Excursions running around with them.

I find those – or what looks like those — hubcovers quite frequently laying on the side of the road during my neighborhood walk-a-bouts.

The black ones . . . ?

then they would be from SuperDuty trucks

Some might be black, don’t recall, but most are chrome colored like the one in the photo above. I saw two just last week.

I didn’t say anything about the wheels… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


One week earlier-

Don’t call the cops or insurance. My body shop guy can take care of that and we’ll both save money!


May be that someone else hit the guy and the someone else’s insurance cut the guy a check post estimate but before the body work was done and he decided to pocket the money.

I considered doing that with the $3500 check I received for the bed damage to my $5500 truck. I think I could’ve made it look…somewhat presentable with a jack, some 2 x 4’s, and a rubber mallet.

But in the end, I decided it’s good to have nice-ish things and had it repaired.

Years ago I had a summer job as a hired hand on a Colorado cattle ranch. The first day I arrived at the ranch to start my job I noticed the owner had apparently just bought a new pickup truck, nice and shiny, all the stickers still attached. He was standing in the bed doing something with a shovel, so I asked the ranch hands what’s he doing? They said whenever he bought a new truck the first thing he did was get out an old shovel and scratch the truck bed’s paint. He figured once the paint in the bed was scratched he never had to worry about the paint in the future, when shoveling hay.