Can you rewire the cigarette lighter to bypass the ignition switch?

i am looking for a quick and easy way to rewire the cigarette lighter socket so that it bypasses the ignition switch and continues to provide power when the car is turned off

for got to mention that my rav4 is a 2008

I purchased an auxiliary plug and wired it to a constant hot from the fuse box on my Toyota. I do want to warn you that I had left a phone charger plugged into it over a week and a half that I had the car parked while away on vacation. I came back to a low down flat battery. It took 6 hours for my battery charger to bring it back from the dead. That phone charger has been thrown away, and no more drain to the battery. But that’s a risk if your willing to assume it.

Shouldn’t be hard if you have a complete wiring diagram for the Rav 4. You just need to find a “hot” wire when the ignition switch is off. Easy with a wiring diagram, not so easy without. You also need a circut that can handle a pretty heavy current draw.

A shop that installs car audio might be your best and cheapest way to go if you can’t figure this out yourself.

where can you get these diagrams

It is really easy to put a connector on the hot side of any unused dedicated powered circuit(ie not off when ignition is off) with an inline fuse afterwords to power anything. If you have a vtvm, or tvm you can find one easily.