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Can you keep jack and jack stands in cold envronement?

Winter is coming and the jack is heavy to move. Jack stand I could move. So really, how do they do against cold?

Nothing to worry about here.

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Just for comfort I wouldn’t leave everything sitting out in the cold and snow but then some think 30 degrees is cold and in Minnesota it’d be ten below outside.

Mine sits in the garage when it gets close to and below zero degrees F and I haven’t had any issues in the 30 years I’ve have my snap-on jack and regular jack stands. Just keep it dry and out of the elements and you should be fine.

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A shed is another alternative if you don’t have a garage.

It gets to -30f here (-35c)

Well it is a snap-on… hahahaha

They will be in garage, just unheated garage.

Agree with @VOLVO_V70 nothing to really worry about. Don’t leave the jack extended and just keep stuff dry, the temperature won’t matter.

You need to knit little coats for them. :laughing:

Seriously, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about.


Good point. I don’t know how long a Harbor Freight jack would last. lol

It’s called a jack-et

My jacks sit in unheated garage 24/7 where it easily gets to -20F in winter where I used to live. Here not quite so cold. Never skipped a beat due to cold. I had to do brakes once many years ago in -15F, out in the driveway! Now relatives joke that it’s brake fixing weather when it gets down that low…


I LOVED that one!! Thanks. :joy:

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Sure my wheel ramps and jacks and jack stands stay in an unheated garage, but if it is below freezing I will probably be going to a shop for repairs. Never had had anything fail except my hands getting gas covered while changing a fuel pump in a napa parking lot at 4:00 on a sat in 18 degree temp.

A sheet of heavy cardboard keeps you warmer on a cold garage floor and gives you more clearance too. I only use my creeper when the floor is wet.

Corrugated cardboard is an excellent insulator. Many of the less fortunate that need to sleep outdoors covet corrugated cardboard boxes to sleep in to protect them from the cold.

And it’s free! I keep old boxes from refrigerators etc. when I get them, and use them regularly. And if they get badly oiled (I never did figure out how to change the oil in my daughter’s Civics without making a mess) I simply cut the bad area off and use them as smaller pieces. I use the same sheets in lieu of drop cloths when I paint, so they’re multipurpose.

BUT… it’s preference. Many like their creepers. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I happen to like and own 2 vinyl folding pads with a tiny amount of foam padding. Racer supply places sell them for working in grassy or gravel paddocks. They are a bit more durable than cardboard. They are a bit longer than my creeper but about the same width. I’ve had them for years, they work great.

I wouldn’t worry too much. If you have have a hydraulic jack, the hydraulic fluid has a lower freezing point than water.

We had tons of hydraulic equipment on our flightlines in North Dakota at temperatures way below zero. I was stationed there for three years, and I’ve never known a piece of hydraulic equipment to fail due to temperatures.

Well, it appears that $3,000/qt hydraulic fluid was worth it, then.