If you only have 3 jack stands

…just use a propane cylinder where you would normally place the 4th jack stand.
What could possibly go wrong?



That’s Crazy. Four Propane Cylinders Would Definitely Make More Sense.

The killer is when people use cement blocks as jack stands.

Sure hope that cylinder is empty . . .


I’ve also seen people use boulders and tree stumps as jack stands


You can always find a tree stump where we live. On a flat floor, cut to the right height with a chain saw, it’s more trustworthy then any jackstand.

The only problem with a tree stump . . . it may not be the right size for all vehicles


On the other hand, 3 stands and a propane tank is probably safer than what many people use to shore up a couple of tons of steel…

I’ve referenced it before but the wife of a long time friend of mine died about 4 or 5 years ago when her classic '65 Thunderbird fell on her. She had some very heavy duty wooden beam stands and through a sheer fluke one of them rolled and the car fell on her. DOA at the hospital.

As to any questions about why the friend wasn’t the one doing the maintenance on the T-Bird instead of the wife, there’s a reason for that.
He was in a car wreck near Yuma, AZ while on the way home from Navy boot camp many years ago and was ejected with the car rolling over him. This left him a paraplegic in a wheel chair and car maintenance was just one of the few things he couldn’t do. He recently passed on also. :frowning:

My wife has told me for a long time my fiery temperament is not going to ever let me die and I’ll outlive everyone. I’m starting to think she’s right; the list of people I know who still have a pulse is getting annoyingly short…

Check out these safety experts.

I( love the street light repair crew.


What, nobody stuck romex into an outlet before for a temporary extension cord?

I’ve seen that pic before and it just boggles the mind that someone would even crawl under something like that momentarily; much less assume a sitting position and work on it.

From the glow and sparks I would be a bit nervous about setting myself on fire and knocking those posts loose while flinching back…

Geeeze you are so fussy. He has the wheels chocked and I’ll bet he’s got steel toes in them boots. Always nitpickin @ok4450 :slight_smile: He also has a backup 4X4 post.


I bet he’s not wearing gloves either… :smile:

The original is an optical illusion.

The car is held up by two jack stands at front, and one placed at the middle of the rear axle. The tank is just “in the right place at the right time” to appear as if holding the car up. My guess; the propane was used to heat off a rusty bolt on or around the LR wheel well.

I think @meanjoe75fan is right. Now that I take a good look.

Good catch Meanjoe75fan!!!


@db4690 It is if you make it adjustable…with a chain saw. There are plenty of trees. For example, I keep wheel chocks all around my lot from tree cut wedges. Most cars nd trucks can be handled by three general sizes. It’s good for the back to put them in place. :wink:

I used to have a much clearer copy of that photo. He’s actually welding under there.

But is he wearing safety glasses?

He has a welding mask and an arc welder. The attached link shows the photo with clarity. The welder is by the left front tire.

Been there…Done that… Except I was in Flip Flops n Quick Dry Shorts… I did remove the Surfboards from the vehicle however… Safety First.


Honda, are you saying you’ve done what the guy in the picture is doing?

The propane tank may even be stronger than the jackstands he/she/it is using. :wink: