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Can’t fix the suspension on my 2017 Jeep Cherokee

Can not get air ride suspension fixed 33,000 miles Been in the shop 5 times Took out extended warranty because it keeps happening. Has been worked on by three different dealershi. First time it only had around 2000 miles on it. I am about ready to drive it off clif

The part that has been causing issue has been replaced? That’s odd

My past experiences with Air Ride suspension is only on Mercedes. Most systems are similar however.

What problem are they unable to repair? Usually one of the fittings on the shocks cracks or leaks…or a plastic pressure line leaks…or the compressor doesn’t function properly.

The solution to the problem will be directly related to what problem you are having…and since we have zero idea about the problem…we will have the same number of results on solutions.

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You may wish to consult with an attorney and go over the lemon laws applicable to your state.

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A friend had a jeep, after a year of problems and a free loaner they upgraded her to the next year model, no charge,no lawyer.