I have a 2010 S 400 inherited that just got out of the shop. The front suspension (AIRMATIC) shocks were changed, but the right front side creaks on uneven payment at low speeds, especially when driving after a few minutes. The noise goes away at highway speeds

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Are you asking a question? Or asking why it makes this noise? Since it was just in for service, why wouldn’t you take it back and ask the shop about this? Given its age, you likely have a bad control arm bushing or suspension link.


I have taken it back 2 times and they return the car with the same problem. The air shocks were changed (expensive) for both frot sides I have asked about the damping valves, struts, control arms bushes and links, but can not get a real answer from the shop. They said they replaced the air shock on the right-hand side under warranty because it was defective. I just would like to know what else could it be that makes the creaking noise that the are overlooking or just not telling me about it.

I just told you what it might be.

If this shop isn’t getting the job done, find a better one.

Just a note about this…

Even a free Mercedes is expensive and will get more so as time goes on.


As the old saying tells us, the best way to have a net worth of $1 million is to start with $2 million, and then buy a used Mercedes.


Or a BMW, a boat or a race car! :laughing:

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OP, have both you and a shop tech been in the car at the same time and both of you heard the noise? If not, suggest to figure out a way to make that happen. Then at least you’ll be on the same page. The shop btw may know what the problem is, but think it is very unlikely you’ll be willing to pay the repair fee. One idea, tell the service writer you are willing to pay whatever it takes to make the sound go away, that will likely get their full attention.

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I thought it was a Land Rover. Maybe there’s a whole family of wealth extinguishing vehicles. Oh, and a boat is a hole in the water you pour money into.


Yes, that too!
At one point, a neighbor had one of those vehicles and the joke in the neighborhood was “what color is Mike’s Rover this week?” because it was in the shop so often that he drove a loaner Rover almost as much as the one that he owned.

At least he had the sense to dump it when the warranty expired.

Or Jaguar. Co-worker had an XJ6, said it was like flushing a $100 bill down the toilet every week, in 1985.


I knew a guy with an XJ-S, bought new. He liked it a lot, except it stalled randomly. He had a lot of trouble with the dealer fixing it. He mentioned the problem to a friend who was a lawyer. His friend offered to write a letter to Jaguar about it. In a few weeks a new XJ-S showed up and they took away the offending one. It’s nice to have friends.

We had a noise on our Mazda that the mechanic’s couldn’t reproduce. Even with Mom along on the test drive. Only made the noise the way she drove the car. Ended up being a warranty repair and the mechanic knew what it was immediately.

Last night, I watched a BBC program in which celebrities drive around the English countryside, buying antiques to resell at auction, in the hope of making a profit. (Yes, I was bored… :smirk:)

Anyway, one of the gimmicks of that show is that the celebrities are given a completely-restored classic car for that tour of the countryside. One couple drove a gorgeous '70s-era Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, and the other couple was given a Jaguar E-type that looked like it had just rolled out of the showroom.

On the first day of their journey, the Jag broke down on a remote country lane, and while the nature of the breakdown wasn’t explained, I think that the loud popping noises coming from under the hood were likely the result of a serious overheating event.

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My bil has a jag among others. It’s had an engine light on for th3 last three years. No one has been able to fix it. He bought a maverick so suspect the jag is gathering more dust than usual. All he has ever owned were fords or ford derivatives.

I don’t think I’d be able to own a car having the CEL for 3 years and not know the cause. I might could take it for about 6 months, but then I’d put everything else on a lower priority and focus on the CEL until the culprit causing the problem was discovered by hook or by crook. Depending on the cause, I might then decide to put black tape over the CEL, and just check for other problems developing using a scan tool from time to time.

Heh heh, you might if you had a jag and no one could find it. I did have a cel on for some years in the olds but knew what it was. It was the egr. New $500 valve. Dearler cleaned the passages as much as possible but the said the trans would have to come out for the rest or live with it. I lived with it. So much for north star.