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2011 Land Rover Range Rover Sport - Suspension warning

The dash SUSPENSION light is on. Any ideas? Plan A, B, C I hope this doesn’t cost am arm and my leg. Okay, I am sitting down… ready to listen. Truly many thanks

Land Rover , of course it will cost an arm and a leg . Since it will be expensive you might as well use a dealer because if it too much for their mechanics they can get guidance from the factory .

I say that because our local dealer had to contact Volvo for a problem with our Volvo .


And then the reality of owning euro luxury sport vehicles sneaks in to crush all hope.


I am saying this without any attempt to be truly negative, but…
When one owns a 10 year old vehicle that ranked–literally–at the bottom of the barrel for reliability when it was only 2 or 3 years old, it is hard to imagine that this problem wouldn’t cost you the proverbial “arm and a leg”.

One of my neighbors owned a Range Rover for a few years, and at least a couple of times each month he would have a loaner Rover because his Rover was in the shop–yet again–for a warranty-related repair. Once the warranty expired and he had to start paying for the very frequent, very expensive, repairs out of his own wallet, he traded it in.


Your Range Rover has air suspension and there’s a problem with one of the level sensors or the air pump itself. Does it sit lower in back, lean, or have one corner lower than the others, especially after it’s been sitting a while? If so, that points to where the problem is. The repair won’t be cheap but less than a transmission or engine. It’s not an exotic problem, you can get air suspension on a Chevy Tahoe. A shop that knows Land Rovers probably deals with it on a regular basis.


Get it diagnosed by a couple-a-three shops and see what they want for it. You should expect to pay for the diagnosis. In case they disagree, have them explain the issue until you understand it. Since you aren’t a mendacity, they should understand and help you get comfortable with their suggestions. Who knows? You might get a new shop to handle your issues in the future.

A failed air suspension is not a sign of a faulty car. Those failures occur with any make and model using airbags and a compressor be it RR, Benz, Lexus, Lincoln, or Subaru.The usual failure is dry rotted rubber boots (in case a corner is going down) similar to aged belts and hoses along with a weak compressor or water contamination. At 11 years of age any of those are possible but a rotted bag would be noticeable.

You could get the vehicle scanned and see what error codes pop up in regard to the suspension. Guessing from a distance I might say a weak compressor or water inhalation. You can get compressor repair kits on the cheap from places like Amazon or eBay.

One time many years ago the air ride in my Lincoln got a bit wonky and the drier was saturated. Similar to the drier in an A/C system. If the compressor is replaced or repaired always replace the drier too.


These acted up in weird ways, on Top Gear USA one of the hosts had one of these go into some sort of limp mode and the rear suspension was much higher than the front, limited to something like 38mph, shut down and restarted the truck returned to normal. That one was a 2012 model from the press fleet as far as I know.

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