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Can spray paint (graffiti) be removed from a rear window with defogger?

My wife’s 99 Mustang was tagged over the weekend on the rear window (and just the rear window). I know several ways to remove paint from auto glass, but I’m not sure which, if any of them will work without destroying the defogger.

Does anyone know any methods for removing spray paint from a window that will still allow the defogger to function?

Defogger is on the inside not outside. There will be no effect on it.

Try goof off. If that don’t work, lacquer thinner will get it off. Do not get any on the car finish. It won’t hurt the defogger

that rear window is glass…and yes, the defogger is on the inside, so treat the glass as you would with normal glass

I would attack it with a single edge razor blade paint scraper. The defrost is on the inside sh there should be no problem with that.

Yes to all the other comments. The wires are on the inside not the outside and I would try the razor scraper first.

A single edge razor blade. You’ll love the result.
By the way, my car was “tagged” with a stripe of neon orange paint while I still had the paper plates on it. Thankfully, I’d just given it a good wax job and the paint came off.