Window Tinting

I need to remove the after market tinting material that was applied to my 1992 Camry. What’s the best way? I’m concerned about back window defroster wires if I try using a razor scraper.

With or without a scraper your wires are at high risk.

You need sun, some white vinegar, and some black plastic garbage bags.


Will a sponge be strong enough with the vinegar, or do I need to use something stiffer?

read this web site…

I stand corrected. It’s amonia not white vinegar.


To use the garbage bag/amonia method requires that sun beats on the window to release the adhesive that holds the tint to the window.


This method might also remove the defroster wires if they are glued to the window and not embedded.

Not going to happen. That’s why this method is used over the heater grids on rear glass.