2006 Mazda Tribute Exhaust Hanger - Solder?

Hi I have a 2006 Mazda Tribute. One of the hangers after the exhaust manifold and before the resonator has rusted so badly that it broke off the exhaust pipe. Now there’s a hole in the exhaust pipe were the hanger meets the pipe. If I just soldered the hanger back to the exhaust, would this fix this issue, or do I need to replace the whole section of pipe? I’m having difficulty finding a good system diagram of the exhaust for this car, and not able to find the picture of what I’m talking about. If I have to replace it, I’m hoping I can just remove a few bolts and put in the new one?

When a exhaust bracket breaks off a pipe due to rust it means the pipe needs to be replaced.

You don’t solder exhaust components, they’re welded.

But you can’t weld rust.



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Thanks for the help! So having to replace this section of just involves unfastening the bolts and bolting in a new one? Sorry I can’t find a good diagram of the exhaust system. I’d imagine the pipe is in sections bolted together with gaskets? Is it possible to just to replace this one section?

Exhaust manifold to resonator? Is there a cat in there somewhere?


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Yea so on my car part 5 has a broken hanger that rusted off. Hanger is free swinging any way it wants. Is it possible to just unbolt part 5 and bolt in a new one? The pipe right after the exhaust manifold. But before the resonator and before the catalytic converter

yes and I would replace 6 and 9 and new bolts. the bolts are probably really rusted. the above picture is for all wheel drive.
this is for 4 wheel drive


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That part is called the exhaust flex pipe.

You want to get the kit if possible.


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Thanks this looks more like my car. My part is part 7 with a broken hanger.

For crying out loud Moshi . These auto classes you say you are taking should be able to tell you that it will be more sensible to just go to a muffler shop and let them solve this . The money you might save won’t be worth the effort and time to get rust on you and your clothes.


Your vehicle has the V-6

You still want the flex pipe kit,



Solder doesn’t take vibration many car’s components get - I’ve tried.

Where can I find this kit? I can’t find it on rock auto.



Thanks. This kit in the link doesn’t come with the nuts and bolts. Is there one that comes with them? Also wondering what the torque specifications is on these bolts?

Any hardware store will have bolts and just tight will be enough .

Thanks. They don’t have to be a certain grade or strength of nuts and bolts?

Standard grade 5 bolts and nuts will work fine.

If the bolts have a washer heads.

install flat washers under the bolt heads.


I had a bender guy fix all up on exhaust for less than I could have bought parts for.

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