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Computer rest

Yesterday the engine light came on in my 2007 Toyota Carolla and I was almost totally unable to accelerate. Coasted into a shop where the guy reset the computer and told me to have it checked out by the dealer.

I have a mechanic I trust. Should I take it to him, or back to the dealer? (I am out of warranty.)


Without knowing any rationale behind the first mechanic’s recommenation, I would give my trusted mechanic a shot at it first. There are very few things that a dealer does better or cheaper than a properly equipped independent shop.

That’s how I was leaning, thanks for the feedback.

Pet peeve, people that “reset” computers (I read clear codes as a replacement for “reset computer”) and don’t provide the customer with a list of stored codes. Sounds like the vehicle went into limp mode.


By simply clearing the stored trouble codes and not informing the customer what those trouble codes might indicate, all that this “mechanic” did was to sweep the dirt under the carpet and get rid of the customer.

Now the OP needs to have someone actually deal with the problem. If he has a mechanic whom he can trust, then hopefully that guy will be able to get to the underlying problem.