Can oil changes be delayed due to CoVID?

We have been driving less due to CoVID and were wondering if we should still change the oil after 4 months. Probably only driving 20-50 miles per week. Can we go 6 months before we change the oil? It’s a 2020 vehicle, less than 2,000 miles on it - we took it in for it’s first oil change in February.

Look in your manual to see what it says in miles or months. You do not want to void your warranty by going past the time factor . All most all dealers are taking precautions because of the virus . Just call and see what your dealer has to offer , some even do pickup and delivery or let you drop it off with no person contact.


Plus 1 to @VOLVO_V70 Short drives are the worst. The engine does not get hot enough to drive off the junk produced by a cold engine. In your owners manual you may even find that short drives are considered severe service recommending more oil changes.

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All of the dealers here in South Jersey are doing contactless service and picking up and delivering the car to your home.

Only if you are willing to void your engine warranty. Email Hyundai USA and ask them, if they say yes, print and keep the reply.

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Got to believe there is a mileage based change interval or almost all cars have oil change interval light on them to tell you when to change it . If this is not on I would not worry about it . Less than 2000 miles is not time to change it . Unfortunetly some dealers still put those little stickers in your car saying like 3 or 4000 miles for the next change which isnt usually valid . Read the manual to see when the official time or mileage would be . It will also probably say to go by the OCI light .

Thanks! According to Hyundai - our next maintenance isn’t due until 3,750. Our concern was whether low mileage would indicate we should change the oil sooner.

What, exactly, does your owners manual say?

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Excellent suggestion.

From Hyundai…and there is more to it than that. Humidity can be an oil and engine killer. Humidity can turn the oil acidic and at 20 to 50 miles a week accumulated moisture inside the engine is not likely getting burned off.

Hyundai defines severe driving conditions as driving in dusty or salt spread conditions, making frequent short trips of 10 miles or less, or driving in extended periods of stop-and-go traffic daily. Under severe operating conditions, you may need to change your Santa Fe’s oil and filter and rotate tires as soon as 3,750 miles.


What does one have to do with the other? Can you avoid food shopping during the Covid shutdown?

Covid or not - oil changes and general maintenance still needs to happen.

Take precautions - wear a mask, avoid personal contact as much as possible. Wash hands.

Look the car Manufacturer Guideline !! My experience it cannot be big problems, better options is replace the oil !

Which engine do you have? For the 2.4L engine, the change interval is 7500 miles for normal driving and 3750 miles for severe driving. For the 2L engine, the change interval is 6000 miles for normal driving and 3000 miles for severe conditions. See information starting on page 7-8 in your owners manual.

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