2017 Hyundai Sonata -oil change time

Is 6 months to long between oil changes, using full synthetic oil?

Depends on how many miles you drive in that time. Hyundai recommends every 6 mos. or 7500 miles, whichever comes first. If you hit 7500 miles in, say, 4 or 5 months, go ahead and change your oil by mileage. https://www.coastalhyundai.com/blog/how-often-should-you-change-the-oil-in-your-hyundai/

Hyundai’s requirement is every 6 months, with conventional or synthetic oil.


IIRC, we had the same question recently for another Hyundai. The owners manual says to change at 12 months or 7500 miles, whichever comes first on the 2.4L engine and 5000 miles or 6 months on the turbo engine. For Severe service, it’s half the normal service interval of the nonturbo engine.

Part of the problem is that a whole lot of car owners can’t seem to comprehend the concept of Severe Service. These are likely the same folks who can’t parse the… complexity… of “x miles or x months, whichever comes first”.

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The Hyundai oil change schedule is 7500 or 6 months, severe service is 3750 or 6 months. Hyundai does not require synthetic oil or extend the service interval for it.

Isn’t it interesting that the car with the longest warranty does not require synthetic oil? Add the problems they have had for some of their 4 cylinder engines, the whole picture is kind of puzzling.

Synthetic oil will not always save a badly designed engine.
My 1988 Accord engine was quite happy with conventional oil for 23 years.

Virtually any car that sees much city or suburban driving is being used in “severe service”

Yes, you and I and the veterans of this forum are aware of that, but this seems to elude a lot of people who are not car-oriented.

Recent online ads I have seen suggest thatyundai now has a tie in wiyh Quaker Srate thet Hyundai Dealersd will us Quaker State at their dealerships and that Quakes state will warranty your engine for 250,000 miles if maintained according to schedule. I have looked into Quaker States warranty and it doesn’t apply to do it yourself oil changes.

It might be a very beneficial program if I was a younger man.

You’re still under warranty. And if you ever have a warranty problem and your maintenance records aren’t per the book, Hyundai will use that against you in a heartbeat.

Outside of warranty, if your “low mileage in the 6-month window” is mixed with occasional highway driving, then I’d feel more comfortable going beyond the 6-month schedule. It’s the highway driving that gets the oil hot enough to burn off the volatile compounds in the oil.

Others will view this differently.
If you want to be certain, send your oil out for an analysis.