Can My Hybrid Car be Shocking Me?

I literally just bought my first hybrid car three days ago. Eta- 2018 ford fusion hybrid. I do have a 3 month warranty, will be calling first thing in the morning.
To keep this short, I am having strong prickly feelings in my feet and up my calves. Its super uncomfortable and some can br more ‘prickly’ than other times. I thought it may just be heavy vibrations i was feeling from the engine. So today i had a friend drive it for a few. At first he said nothing, but more towards the 5 to 10 minute mark he said he couldnt even have hus feet on the floor anymore.
I left it at work because im too scared to drive it home (35miles). Is this a thing or am i crazy. I. Freaking out im going to die now from being shocked and its Sunday so no where is open.

Yes it could be shocking you from static electricity being generated from the high mpg tires. Won’t kill you but it is annoying.

Try attaching an anti-static strap to the car.


Would i feel it with the feet on the floor of the drivers side? I just learned the batteries are right under the drivers side. If i pick my feet up, it starts to not feel as bad. Like i said, i thought it may be irritation from the fine vibrations, but it feels almost like a charge. Like one of those electric balls that you touch and your hair stands up.
Just uncomfortable and makes my legs numb.

No, they are not under the driver’s feet. The hybrid battery is in the trunk in the back of the car right behind the seat. The 12 volt starter battery is behind a panel in the trunk on the drivers side.

Oh, I guess I was misinformed. Thank you!

Where would I place this? Would this prevent my feet from being shocked?

You hang it under the vehicle so it touches the ground to discharge the static.



I myself would never buy a used hybrid of any brand. If you have a return policy ( some places give 7 days ) I would just bail. I doubt that you will ever feel at ease even if who ever sold it stops this tingling sensation.

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That is what I am hoping for. Is they will let me give it back. Highly unlikely, but I am hoping because I will have too much worry about this.

You may have found out why the previous owner got rid of this car…

I’d try one of those ground straps, myself.

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I don’t understand how this can possibly be an electrical shock.
It must be some vibration problem.


OP is sitting on a seat made of non-conductive material, probably wearing non-conductive shoes, plus a metal floor pan between the battery and passenger compartment acting as a Faraday shield.

Maybe the seat is somehow pinching nerves in the legs?

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He had a friend drive the vehicle and they said they felt it also . It would be nice to hear the final result of this problem . This was a recent used vehicle purchase so someone may have added something to the vehicle or tried some poor repair work.

Update I just learned today…they are saying it may be super fine vibration due to all 4 of my tires have cupping…would anyone else ageee with this…
They are saying solution is for me to pay at my cost to replace all 4 tires…however i have read there are issues associated with cupping such as suspension.
Should i get a second opinion?

Thank you all again.

Did you check about returning the vehicle ? New tires will be the only way to see if that cupping is the problem . A tire shop can tell you just how bad the cupping is .

They took from Monday to about 2 hours ago to discover this. I havent talked to them yet. I am going up there soon.

The static-charge from the tires explanation seems unlikely imo. That would only be noticeable when entering or exiting the vehicle, while one foot was on the ground and the other in the car. The motors on those vehicles are powered by as much as 400 volts, so while also unlikely, a trickle of current from that is possible if there was a problem in the motor’s or wiring insulation. That theory is testable by a electric-knowledgably shop. My guess is the sensation is a result of the car’s vibrations. You might try driving a new one, if the vibrations (and resulting sensation) are less, then your shop may be able to reduce the vibrations on your car. Motor mounts, tires, etc.

I notice some electric cars make a sort of high pitched buzzing noise, “zzzzzzing”, esp during accelerations. That could be affecting your senses too. If that’s the problem I expect you’ll soon get used to it.

That is going to be real difficult since the Ford Fusion was discontinued in 2020.

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How about some anti static laundry spray on the seats?