Can I still drive my car

I have a 2008 Toyota Rav 4. So I forgot to release the handbrake before I drove. Then after driving for about a mile or two, I realized the handbrake was still on. I released it but then I kept hearing loud squeak sound from the rear left wheel. It squeaks not when I brake, but just while running. The squeak gets louder when I turn the vehicle. Also, the slower the car move, the louder it squeak.
I only have the next Saturday available to take the car to the mechanic. but I will need the car for the next 6 days. So based on the problem here, do you think I can still drive the car for 6 more days without cause major damage? THanks

Does your Rav 4 have drum or disc rear brakes?

On some cars, the emergency brake uses the same disc or shoe as the regular brakes. On others, the emergency brake is a separate brake shoe. At any rate, you may have worn down the shoe now enough so that it needs to be replaced but the damage is really already done so if it still brakes fine, I can’t see that it would be a problem until someone can look at it. Does the E brake still work and hold?

Edit: Not knowing the year, it appears that the car has disc brakes and a separate shoe brake for the E brake system. So worst case you just wore down the E brake shoe or it needs adjustment. Should have no impact on the regular brakes.

i believe it’s drum. dont know. i will take a picture of it

Not knowing the year, for a 2014, Rockauto says its disc brakes in the rear.

You can probably still drive the car, everything you can ruin worse will probably need to be replaced anyway, just note this is not a recommendation to drive the car, as I would take a loaner or rental, you may experience decreased stopping power, onside road failure, complete loss of brake fluid, uncontrollable stops, potential risk of fire, or loss of drive ability, before following these instructions check with your mechanic, as risk to life and limb are a possibility. If you suffer driveablity issues consult your mechanic immediately and do not continue to drive, If your condition lasts for 4 hours or more seek mechanical emergency interception immediately.

Brake Squeak can affect your ability to stop your car so be aware of all conditions that might be life threatening, discontinue use if any of these symptoms occur and seek immediate mechanical advice.

The 2008 Rav4 has rear discs, with parking brakes provided by drum brakes inside the rear discs, according to Rockauto. So what might have happened is that one side of the rear emergency drum is stuck on, or some part of the mechanism broke off and is causing the noise. I’m guessing it won’t be a major problem, but that’s just a guess.

I’m guessing you don;t regularly use the parking brake and the mechanism or cable has stuck from corrosion.
If that is the case the mechanic will have to remove and lubricate parts or cable or replace them. You run the risk of overheating that brake and causing further damage. Get it looked at sooner rather than later.

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It’s not possible to tell without a visual inspection. That’s your best option safety-wise, just ask a shop to do a visual inspection is all. That won’t take much time or cost much. If they give you the go-ahead to drive it for a while before you can fix it, you are good to go for another week. One experiment you can do yourself is feel the wheel after driving, see if it is getting hotter than the other ones. If it is getting hotter than the other wheels, I’d be reluctant to continue to drive it until the problem is fixed.

Sorry i think i use the wrong word “squeak” because it sounds more like metal grinding. I just made a video. Sorry the wind noise is loud but you can hear the grinding. the sound gets louder when the car moves slower and when turning. But if i keep it at 30mph or faster, i dont hear it. But not always, occasionally even at 40mph, i can still hear the fast grinding but not as loud.

Sounds like one of the EB shoes is stuck. If you are planning on driving it for 6 days, especially if you are doing a road trip, consider having it looked at. Scrapes like that are friction, friction causes heat, on a long trip that heat builds up and COULD cause additional damage like overheating a wheel bearing. If you plan on driving more than 20 miles at a time, have it looked at.