Can I repair plastic flex hosing?

The flexible, somewhat delicate plastic tubing (not exactly sure what it is actually called)has broken on 2 different components while changing out a head gasket. It’s a 2016 buick encore, and one hose is the oil tube going from the turbo to the engine. The other, I think is an air intake line. Is there a decent way to reconnect the line together, or do I need to buy those 2 hoses? I’m not sure if more details are necessary to answer this question.

If you’re talking about the turbo oil return line, it’s not that expensive to replace.

You’ll have to be more descriptive about the other line.


I looked it up and it is the PCV valve hose (or crankcase ventilation hose). It is also not terribly expensive and seems pretty easy to replace so i will end up just ordering both of those parts.

But these types of hosing seem to break very easily, and I am still curious if there is some sort of shrink seal stuff made for something like that since it is a low pressure, low heat system (or I would assume so based on the material).

There’s heat shrink tubing.

But sometimes it’s impossible to get it over the area to be repaired, and should be used as a temporary repair.


Generally it’s better to just go and replace the part rather than try to fix a broken one, if the price is low.

Think of the potential damage you could do do your car or engine trying to “save” a few bucks on a plastic hose.