'97 Taurus GL: Garden Hose/PVC hose fittings?

'97 Taurus GL: Garden Hose/PVC hose fittings?

3.0l 164k miles Vulcan

Having lots of “fun” doing this water pump replacement. Not nearly as easy as the Ford (or Haynes) manuals would have you believe - but that’s another story.

Here’s the question:

The 12" section of hose coming off the neck of the pump needs to be replaced. The problem is this hose is actually part of Ford’s famous “H” hose that routes coolant both TO and AROUND the heater core. It runs into (or is fused/glued into) a molded plastic “T” with no apparent means of de-coupling. Instead of going to the dealer and buying a whole new “H” hose (and dealing with the install headaches associated with that), I’d like to just replace this 12" section. But to do that, (I think) I’d have to cut out the molded “T” and replace it with another “T” (like a garden hose or PVC “T”) - something that I could attach hose clamps to on three sides. It would be really nice if the replacement “T” had the ability to shut off flow in one direction. This way, I could shut off flow to the heater core in the summer months, plus it would make flushing the core easier…

Also, I removed the two 5" studs from the block that the Power Steering Bracket is mounted on so that I’d have more wiggle room to install the pump behind/below it (I didn’t want to de-couple the hydraulic line on the pump for fear of creating more trouble for myself). Could I replace these studs with standard bolts (with bolt heads)? The problem with the studs is (unbelievably) the ends are circular! After removing the nuts I thought I’d be able to turn the studs out with a socket or wrench, but NOOooo. One stud actually came out by hand by vibrating the bracket on it a bit, and the other one I got out with vise-grips. I was thinking I’d use the vise-grips to turn them back in, but there’s only a very tiny sliver of non-threaded area at the tip to grab and I’m concerned that I may not be able to tighten them in sufficiently. Looks like they only have about 3/4" inch of threading on the block side. The other end has about 3" of threading where the nut tightens against the bracket. The replacement bolts would need to be shorter than the studs because the nut threaded in with about 1/2"-5/8" of threaded stud poking through once tightened down.

You can probably buy generic hose, and tees at your auto parts store, and throw something together, or go to your ford dealer, and buy the bypass hose kit as a complete unit.

Just ran by the parts store and they have some plastic T’s and straight-line couplings. Looks like I could probably rig something up to avoid replacing the “H” hose.

As far as the Power Steering studs, someone on another board suggested jamming two nuts together on the stud to help turn it back in - which would probably work. Still rather have real bolts in there. The 3rd mounting bolt for this PS bracket is a real bolt. Makes me wonder why Ford went with two hard-to-turn (3/8" x 4.5") metric studs up top…

All of those aluminum machine crimped collars at the hose clamp locations are just that…hose clamps, nothing more. You can cut those off and use standard worm hose clamps when replacing. They exist for only one reason------the assembly line ! So a machine can do it and a sub-assembly can be zipped into place on the assembly line with no thinking involved. Now that an actual human being with opposable thumbs and a brain is involved, You can “rebuid him, we have the technology”. Just start cutting and fixing, it can be done.

( my “machine clamp” story )-- When my daughter arrived in her old 97 taurus at her auntie’s where we were visiting on a sunday afternoon, she had a leak in a heater hose assembly. So we get out the bare bones tool set in my truck to begin repairing and…nothing to cut with ! Got out my Leatherman and was considering it’s serrated blade when my nephew comes running from the house " I got a GINSU knife here, it’s supposed to cut through a penny !" The fancy-dancy aluminium collar clamp was no match for the mighty Ginsu :slight_smile:
We then took the culprit hose with us on a little sunday parts search. Closest first stop, a PepBoys - and the final straw in a l-o-n-g list of reasons why I will NEVER set foot in any PepBoys again NOR refer any of my customers - me; “We need this hose for 87 Taurus 3.0 ohv.” PB; “We dont have one.” me; “May I look at your hose inventory and find something that will work, even if its longer and we have to cut?” PB; “NO, no customers behind the counter.” me; Well, I’m a parts man too, here’s my card, Ford dealer 22 years."
PB; "NO."
me, to my self, daughter and nephew; “Well then , good riddence”
…Two blocks away is an Auto Zone. Same initial exchange of info and inquiry until me; "may we look at your hose inventory to see if theres another option"
AZ ; “Yes, follow me.” :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Sunday evening the car is fixed with amazing quality time with daughter, son , and nephew. :slight_smile:

Parts may just be parts, so what’s the difference ? THE PEOPLE.

ken green:

I’ve had similar experiences in those stores (and elsewhere). There’s almost always another way (or two) to do something, but trying to get someone to help you with your idea can be just that - trying.