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Can i change the TPS myself?

I have been having stalling problems with my 07 hyundai elantra. The dealership has finally, after 4 months, diagnosed my problem with the TPS and Mass air flow sensor. Can I change these myself?

I’m Guessing That Nobody’s Answering Because . . .

They don’t know . . .
. . . Your ability and experience level.
. . . Whether you’ve got the tools.
. . . Whether you’ve got a manual.
. . . What the engine on this car looks like. You’ve got the car.

My information shows that the toughest part of the operation would be removing the air cleaner and intake assembly to get to the MAF sensor. Sometimes a special (tamper proof screw) screw driver must be purchased, but it’s no biggy.

You should purchase a service manual that covers this or see if the local library has a manual. Some will sell you copies of pertinent pages.

I question the dealer’s 4 months to diagnose the problem and the likelihood that you need both a TPS and MAF sensor at the same time.

Can you shed any light on any of these items ?

Did you check with the dealer to see if this is covered by warranty?

I’m kind of on board with CSA about the dealer taking 4 months on this and coming up with multiple causes at the same time.

Some more info might help in figuring this out.
What code or codes are present?
What were the reasons behind the dealer coming up with multiple faults?
When the engine stalls does it:
A. Stall at idle only
B. Stall at speed. (say 50 MPH, etc)
C. Both.
After it stalls will it start right back up or does it have to sit a while?
Any Check Engine Light on?

Neither of these is particularly difficult to replace, but what is your level of experience working on cars?

Do you know where the TPS and the mass airflow sensor are located? Are you comfortable removing whatever might have to be removed to access these parts and making sure everything goes back together correctly?

If so, then you can probably replace them yourself. I’m worried, however, that it took four months to come up with a diagnosis, and that the diagnosis is actually TWO diagnoses.

It would ba a shame for you to waste your money throwing parts at a problem and not solving it.

thanks for your comments. there actually were no codes present. And since they could never duplicate the problem, they simply never diagnosed it. Supposedly, this time around (they kept it for three days) they “dropped the gas tank” and found the problem. I’m actually suspicious.
it stalls sporadically at low speeds, when i apply the brakes and then accelerate (for example, at a stop light or in traffic). My boyfriend has some experience with cars so I was hoping he could do it. The dealership was telling me that I needed to “code it with the car” whatever that means. But I’ve heard from others that it is possible to change this piece on one’s own. I’m going to start with the TPS and leave the other piece as is. Thanks for all your comments. You are all great !

Change the TPS if you’re so inclined but I think it’s a waste of money.