2014 Stalling/Won't Start

Every so often when trying to start my car the whole car will shake, not move, and the check engine oil and battery light will come on. The codes do not appear on the code reader. The spark plugs were changed after it was towed after stalling. It seems to shudder at idle though that got better after changing the spark plugs. My mechanic and the dealership were not able to find the issue. I have tried pouring water under the hood to see if that would get it to stall again but it didn’t work. This has happened a total of 3 times (I’ve only owned the car for 1 year) Anyone know whats up?
*This might be unrelated but it also seems the AC control panel gets mixed up and air will come out of lower vents when the top are the only ones supposed to be on.

Part of the issue is probably a vacuum leak. The blend doors in the HVAC system are operated by vacuum and a leak would cause them to behave incorrectly. It would also affect the engine.

The first thing to try if it hasn’t been done is have the electronic throttle body cleaned.

The HVAC control panel may be the problem, as everything in the HVAC system is electronically controlled.