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Car stalling -diagnosis


I drive a 2001 Hyunday Elantra GL-Automatic. It’s on ~95K miles but I been taking it for a service at around every 6 months. I recently got the fuel filter replaced and the car have been running ok since then (2 months ago).

Recently we experienced some strange incidents. The first is when I came to a red traffic light and when the lights turned green I began to take off like I normally do. The car felt like it was about to accelerate as normal but instead it decided to stall and I was sitting right in the middle of the intersection. Fortunately I was able to place the car back in neutral and start the car and went on my way (without any further incident-however I was not that far away from home).

The second incident happened next day in the evening, this time to my wife. She started the car ok from home and came to 2 stop signs (both signs where close to each other). There was no problem as the car comes to a stop but as soon as she wanted to accelerate the car stalled. On both times she managed to start the car after it had stalled.

I’m not sure if this is relevant but on both days I noticed the following patterns:

1) The car was stopped on a slope. (small slope, no more than 15 degrees).

2) the car stalled when used within around 90min since it was last driven. Funny thing is that in the time between these 2 incidents, my wife and I drove the car to and from work fine (each way was at least 30 min long and had around 8 hr of time the car placed in parking in between).

It’s been raining in a lot in the last month but I can’t imagine this is a “stall in rainy day” type of problem.

Anyone have any idea what it could?


The old cracked ignition coil trick, as well as thirty other things could be happening. Some one or two of these problems might be solved by the codes in the OBD2 system. Some parts places will read them for free.

Could be a MAP (manifold pressure sensor) problem.

Was the fuel filter changing because there was a problem; or, was it changed because it was a scheduled maintenance item? If changing the fuel filter temporarily alleviated a problem, that could indicate a problem with the fuel pump. It may be losing its “oomph” (that’s a technical term for, “get up and go”).
An engine will run for a few seconds after the fuel pump stops running. If you can hear the fuel pump run, listen for it when the engine stalls.
Ideas? That’s the problem, too many ideas, too many things that can cause an engine to stall. If you can find a good mechanic to evaluate the car, that may save you a lot of trouble. Gather as many symptoms as you can on how the engine runs, and under what circumstances the problems occur and give your notes to the mechanic.