07 Toyota Camry Accelerator

The accelerator pedal on the Camry has ZERO resistance. It is so light to the touch that my foot cramps after driving a while. This makes it unsafe. Toyota has been ZERO help. They say tell my dealer and the dealer says it is controlled by computer and there is NO adjustment available. One service writer said no one else has complained, and another says at least a third of owners have expressed dissatisfaction with the foot feed.

I’m no expert but here’s my opinion FWIW. The pedal must have some resistance or it would be lying on the floor. There is likely to be a spring that returns the pedal to the upright position when you’re not pressing it down with your foot. The Camry throttle is drive by wire. There is a position detector (likely to be a variable resistor) that tells the computer how far you’re pressing the pedal. This approach eliminates the mechanical connection from the pedal to the throttle body. This has nothing to do with the pedal resistance- unless this is a feedback pedal and I do not believe that it is. The resistance is controlled by the strength of the spring. The dealer could still be right in that there is no adjustment that can be made to increase the spring tension. A service manual for the car may have that information. If it were my problem, the first thing I would do at the dealer is to sit in another Camry and test the pedal resistance to see if it is similar.

I was incorrect in saying that there is ZERO resistance. The reply below aptly states that if so the pedal would be laying on the floor. So, more correctly, there is much less resistance than any of the hundreds of other cars that I have driven. My wife has no problem adjusting to the low resistance but I, and some other big foot males who have driven it find it very difficult to maintain even a reasonable steady speed.

I know what you meant. I made a point of it because when you go to the dealer, if you exaggerate too much, they may not take your claims as seriously as they might otherwise.

As you pointed out, the comfort level varies person-person. Too much resistance is just as bad. I have a hot rod that I use THREE return springs on as added insurance against a stuck throttle. It doesn’t take long to grow weary of holding that pedal down.

Check out other '07s at the dealer. If they are all similar, then you know you have to get inventive to solve it. If not, then you have a good basis for asking for them to fix it.

I dont know if they cannot just fit a stronger spring to adjust to your comfort level. I would also go to another Toyota dealer. Approach this problem as It may be Normal, but I the customer find it Not to my Taste, so will you go the extra mile to keep a customer loyal to Toyota. When you talk to Toyota, tel them that their dealer is non responsive to your compain.