Where can I find Toyota Repair Manuals

I need a repair manual for a Toyota C59 Transmission.

I found helminc.com, which has the three volumes for the car itself, but I don’t think any of them cover the transmission. I can find Toyota Repair Manuals for their automatic transmissions, and older manual transmissions, but I can’t find a repair manual for my transmission (C59).


The manual transmission section is included in the 3 volume set for the car itself

I’ve bought Toyota factory manuals before, and the manual trans section is pretty comprehensive


Thanks for the speedy response!

Well, that would explain it. I assume by pretty comprehensive you mean it has all the gaps/tolerances/torques you need to know inside the transmission to do a rebuild?


Just looked at my 2005 Camry factory manual

The manual transmission section is very comprehensive. Lots of exploded pictures, torque specs, tolerances, clearance, etc. It seems to essentially walk you through a teardown, repair and rebuild

I don’t know what year your car is, but ebay is sometimes a good place to score a deal for factory service manuals

You can check your local library, if they do not have it they may be able to get it through an inter library loan program.

I think Toyota offers an internet service where you pay them a certain small fee for daily use and they let you see the factory repair service information via your internet-connected computer. That’s probably the most economical method. Most public libraries don’t have factory service manuals, and that’s what you need here.

One other idea, visit your local Barnes and Noble bookstore, they have a pretty good “transportation” section and stock quite a few technical manuals, not the manufacturer’s, but they are often pretty good. For example, they have one on how to rebuild Ford C4/C6 automatic transmissions. I read through it one day b/c my Ford truck has a C4, and I though I could probably do a rebuild just from the step by step (with photos) info provided there. If I had enough help to lug the transmission in and out of the car I mean.

Books4Cars might have the factory manual (they have pages of listings for toyota) but you would need to check for yourself. Without knowing the year and exact model you have.

I like to buy my own factory service manual

That way, it’s always available

Yes I agree with you @db4690 . I made a big mistake when I purchased my early 70’s Ford truck by not purchasing the service manual. It was listed in the owners manual with a coupon to buy it, only $6!!! What a bone-head move on my part. My only defense, at the time, my only diy car-work inclination was oil changes and tune ups.

But for the OP, here’s another idea, OP might still be able to purchase the factory service manual. Don’t recall exactly how I discovered this, but recently I found out it’s still possible to purchase the factory service manual for my Ford truck. They had the original owner’s manual too. I think they only had the FSM in CD format though, so you’d read it on your computer. It wasn’t overly expensive, $20 or so.

$6 to buy a factory service manual . . . !