Can any of you car geniuses please help me identify this car?

I need an accurate educated and researched answer to this puzzle. I know it is a Ford Thnderbird Fordoor. The odd thing is that the 1971 model had 2 different grills. The factory grill and the Mark III grill. This grill has a thunderbird emblemon it. Also the odd thing is that it has a factory sunroof and 1/2 Landau. Is this the rare and illusive 1970 1/2 Fordoor Mark III? The interior is definately Mark III. Thanks :slight_smile:

does this web page help…

The two cars were built on the same assembly line and had a great number of things in common. My brother owned one of these and called it his “poor man’s Continental”.

If you did not buy the car new the previous owner may have wanted to customize it a little and found that the parts fit. Or the car may have been in a accident and the shop fixed it with whatever they could find. I have personally turned a 1953 Plymouth into a 1954 Dodge (with a Plymouth trunk and tailights) when I had to pay for broadsiding some one without my insurance in place.

Doc has explained it very well. The '71 T-Bird had only one grill. However, since it was 98% mechanically identical to the Lincoln that was built on the same assembly line, many–perhaps most–components are interchangeable.

Someone owner in its murky past apparently decided to make this T-Bird unique, and what you have is the result. However, if you assume that it came from the factory this way, you will be sadly mistaken.