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91 firebird rebuild

i have a 1991 firebird formula i would like to know if you can interchange the dog house for one off of a 1973 firebird

Will your dog be comfortable in a 38 year old dog house?

  1. What’s a ‘dog house’?
    b. Next to zero parts are shared between a '91 and a '73, so I would doubt it, but who knows?

Formula Firebirds came with either a Chevy 305 engine, or a Chevy 350 engine.
The 73 Firebird, could have had a Pontiac engine, a Buick engine, or a Chevy engine, so honestly, I have no idea if you can mount any engine or transmission related parts from the 73 to the 91. Yes if the 73 has a Chevy engine. No if its either a Buick or Pontiac engine.

I also have no clue what you mean by “doghouse”.
I’m guessing you mean transmission bellhousing.
That’s the only thing in the entire car that is dog house shaped, that I can think of.


The “doghouse” is the entire front end,ie, both fenders, both fender inner wells, hood and usually the grill and headlight assemblies as well as the bumper. In the south, most salvage yards display the front ends of vehicles entirely assembled and ready to go. The name stems from the way it looks as it’s closed in with an opening in the rear.

Thanks for clearing that up, missileman. I had no idea how the word “doghouse” was associated with cars.

Why would anyone want to attach the front clip from a '73 Firebird to a '91 Firebird?

It still doesn’t make any sense, and the odds of it working are nearly zero.

Unless there’s unlimited money involved.