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Can any car dashboard fit in any car?

My question is, can a dashboard of any car fit in any other car ? for example, can i buy GT-R’s Dashboard and fit it inside the 370z? and can the gauges,speedometer be replaced with any other car ?
like removing the gauges of GT-R and attaching it to the CANBUS of any other car


(i believe nothing is impossible, by having proper knowledge anything can be done to anything :stuck_out_tongue: )

NO! Only on badge engineered cars such as GMC and CHEVY trucks and SUVs. In the past Pontiac and Chevrolet cars were nearly identical and many items were interchangeable.

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Well, it’s possible, for a HUGE amount of money and time, to no good result…

#texases You sound interesting :stuck_out_tongue: can you explain it more briefly please ?

Hire 10 craftsmen at $100/hour each, and a month later, you MIGHT have something.

but i love DIY …
i would love to learn about it and do it myself on my own car, no worries how man days it might take.
i just wanna know if it can be done or not … if it can then how ? would love to see similar projects if anyone have done it

For an amateur, no way. One of those ‘if you have to ask’ kind of things.

Try to fit a Cadillac dash into a Pinto. I don’t know why someone would even want to do this. In the end it’s just another dash with similar instrumentation. Does not even seem to be a good learning project. Would be more interesting to put a Cadillac body onto a Pinto frame. Now that is a challenge.

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Okay now i see why its nearly impossible to do so, just because the size differs from vehicle to vehicle.
so i rule out about replacing the dashboard from one make to other …

But i would still like to know about the gauge systems… The reason i am so curious about this is, some vehicles have so many technical and electrical features i.e. Tyre pressure, Oil Temperature, Sports Mode, Eco Mode, Reverse Camera with guidelines many many more features all under one electrical control panel such as LCD screen.
I know its possible to install all these features on any other car by adding third party sensors. BUT everything has to be installed separately and also displayed separately on their own LCD panels or Gauges.

But what i am trying to achieve is i need all the features that a luxury vehicle has UNDER ONE CONTROL PANEL. thats why i asked is it possible to copy other vehicle’s Dashboard and Gauges or not …

With enough time and cash anything can be done.:scream:

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So let’s cut to the chase . . .

I’ll assume you own a 370Z . . . and you would like to install a GT-R dashboard and instrument cluster in your car?

Can I presume the GT-R has more gauges and looks pretty bad-ass

I think both cars are Nissans, so THEORETICALLY it should be easier than trying to install a Ford cluster in your car

I suggest you check out some “Z” forums . . . there’s probably some guys there that have already asked about this conversion

The gauges are only indicators. In order for them to work, you need the rest of the system in the car as well. Simple example- tire pressure monitoring. All the tire sensors need to be installed and the control electronics to communicate with them. The indicator is the easy part :wink:

Sport mode- that is a feature buried in the PCM that leverages the integrated systems in the car to effect a distinct mode of operation.

ECO mode- this is a feature incorporated into the ECM that leverages hardware in the engine to shut off various numbers of cylinders to improve efficiency. Again, a completely integrated package requiring hardware and software functionality to support it.Adding a switch and indicator lamp to the dash is easy once you have all that!

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That’s not true. You can have them all display on one central panel. But it’s going to require a lot of knowlege, time, research, and money to pull it off.

Off the top of my head, I’d get an Android tablet, mount it in the dash, and install a wifi backup camera (They make ones that interface directly with Android devices) and a bluetooth OBDII reader which I would use with Torque, available from the Play store. That would display a lot of information about your engine, etc. I’d hook the tablet in to an amplifer and use it for music playback as well.

As to adding “sports mode / eco mode” to a car that didn’t come with it… Not happening. It would be cheaper and easier to just buy a different car.

i highly believe in making it happen than just buying one which have everything already in it…
i am that kind of a guy that likes to learn and do something on my own and enjoying it even it takes a bit more money rather than just buying new one…


Where would you even FIND a GT-R dashboard and cluster

They’re not exactly common cars

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probably buy it from impounded car yards or cars that have ended scrap yard after having a very bad accident but the interior is shiny as new… I live in UAE so here alot of supercars have been impounded and many cars in the scrap yard body and engine fully damaged but interiors shiny as new

Well… More power to you, but you should know that auto makers invest millions into research and development, so if you want to get a similar result, expect to spend a lot more than “a bit.” :wink:

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POINT TO BE NOTED :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

In that case, why not just build your own dashboard/console from scratch. Add electronics and gauges as you go along, one at a time. You can connect gauges to your OBDII connector and get all sort of fancy readings that you can display on gauges or LEDs. You can make it look like this… :slight_smile:
or this


Especially since Pintos have no frame… :laughing:

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