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Can I use a 2015 seat Ibiza instrumental cluster for a 1997 Honda accord vtec 2.2 engine (This is like a formula 1 kind of car)

Can I use a 2015 seat Ibiza instrumental cluster for a 1997 Honda accord vtec 2.2 engine (This is like a formula 1 kind of car)

No, you can’t.

Please don’t take this the wrong way . . .

Who planted this thought in your head, and why do you think it’s a good idea . . . or even possible?

If there’s nothing wrong with your Accord cluster, then I’d leave well enough alone

Really ? ……………

Hard to tell the difference between an Ibiza and a Formula 1


why not???

Given the amount of information you’ve told me the only answer I can give you is No. Lay out what you want to do and why you want to do this and maybe that answer will change.

The simple answer is a Volkswagen Audi Group designed car instrument cluster into a Honda designed car. The parts are not plug and play like a video card or hard drive.


Other than the wheel covers, pretty much the same … :slight_smile:


are you guys color blind??

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This is the car I built

I want to use a seat ibiza dashboard bcs it looks sporty.

The answer to your question is Yes you can… However this assumes that you are using the original Honda wire harness in at least some of its capacity. If you arent using the Honda harness it will be more difficult but still doable, in this instance, you will need to know what every single wire does in the harness and fab up your own harness using the correct Honda ecu plugs etc, but its much easier to use as much of the original Honda harness and connectors that you can.

In any instance, you should have a Honda ECU pinout to ID all those wires. If you are using the Honda drive train and ecu then some of the harness will still be functional and will route to the cluster, and will still function but you will surely need the pinout to help you figure out which wires you need and do not need. Most of your harness will not be used but… the ones going to the cluster will still work, sure…

If you built the car then this issue really isn’t too difficult so long as you are using the original Honda wire harness from the vehicle you got the drivetrain from…mixing other years of Honda will change the wire pinouts so you will then need that pinout to compare to the other… Easier to use the donor vehicle.

Having done many Honda engine swaps, mixing OBDI with OBDII vehicles/engines etc, you can bet Ive been in pretty deep with Honda ecu’s and wire harnesses… Its not that bad so long as you keep your head about you and realize what is going to be different between the vehicles and simply wiring what needs wired…

So…yes, use the cluster it will work.


Thank you Honda_Blackbird.

With all due respect, you realize he wants to use a Seat Ibiza gauge cluster with this Honda powered car, right?

If the Ibiza cluster is driven by both CAN signals and analog signals, he will need not only the wiring diagram but also the PID’s the gauges need to work. Hopefully those PID’s are universal ones so the Honda ECU sends them. If the cluster needs VAG specific PID’s he has a greater problem.

I’d suggest an aftermarket dash that can be programmed like a Pi. Or use one from a Honda S2000. Looks cool and may be more compatible.


LOL… OMG… No my brain must have been out to lunch, even though it was 5:30am… Jeezoo… Obviously I was going on about using the HONDA gauge cluster.

Talk about not catching an important detail… Ooops…

OK… I want to officially change my answer… to… NO it cannot be used.


He could just mount the cluster and not hook it up to anything.
As a 17YO mounted a fake floorshift in a push button Sport Fury, it looked sporty.

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Ok, I think I’m finally grasping what the OP is doing. They’ve already built themselves a race car from a 97 Honda Accord by stripping much of the Accord’s body, and now they want to install an Ibiza instrument cluster. Is that correct OP? OP’s invocation of the term “Formula 1” was confusing, to say the least. I think you are going to have to go back to an instrument panel from OBD I days for this idea to work. When OBD II started the instrument panel got pretty intertwined w/the engine computer and the rest of the car’s computer networks.

There is a picture above of a Honda engine in a race car chassis, it is not a modified Accord body.

Ok, info continues to soak into my coffee deprived brain … lol …

The 97 Accord did not use a CAN buss. Not sure why you want to use the SEAT gauge cluster but it does run on a CAN buss so the two are pretty much incompatible.

Edit: The Seat gauges are digital and the Accord Gauges are analog. The Seat gauges may look analog but the needle is moved by a stepper motor that is digitally controlled.