Can a radio swap keep my '02 Camaro from starting?

The stereo system was stolen from this base model C-6 Camaro. I had another “anti-theft” radio from a '98 Monte Carlo. I was advised by someone who is usually right that it would work.He installed it for me, and it does work. I drove it about 200 feet and shut it off. Unfortunately now the car won’t start. Someone else said that it is because of the VATS or PATS system. He says it is detecting a “foreign” radio and not allowing the engine to crank. The idiot lights come on, and go off as soon as I turn the key to crank. Is the radio the cause? If not what is? I pulled and checked all the fuses. They seem good. The battery is good.

Try removing the radio to see if the car will start. If any wires were cut/spliced when the Monte Carlo radio was installed it may have affected the ECM in your vehicle. I hope not because that would open a whole new can of worms for you.

Can it be reprogrammed so that both the “new” radio and the VATS or PATS system (or whatever you call it) will both work?

This issue never came up when I was swapping radios. Think of it, who whould design a car not to run if it had a radio issue? now making it so the radio did not work, that is reasonable.

Does car crank? you are going to have to post back the exact security system the car has, no guesses. Running 200ft and dying is not a standard action for any security system to take.

There’s nothing to reprogram. You have a wiring problem. Fix the wiring, and then both the car and the new radio will work.

No it doesn’t crank. When I turn the key to start the all the idiot lights go out except the security and seat belt lights. Wiring around the clutch safety switch makes no difference. As far as I know it has the standard factory security system. I just don’t know what GM called it in 2002, VATS or PATS.

I thinl 2002 is to old for VATS or PATS, I am thinking Passlock, BUT GM kept these old systems on the Camarro longer than others. Does your key have a visible resistor (looks like a bump) if yes this ignition switch had two very thin wires that would break and then no crank. But for the life of me 95 is the last I can think of for this system (quiet a while ago, scary).