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Can a driver seat frame be fixed?

I have a 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer and i got into an accident in March. I got hit from the side, doors crushed. Car was fixed, new doors all nice. But driver side seat feels funny. The bottom cushion feels like it collapsed. I think the frame got bended. Is that fixable? I don’t have side airbags. Do i need a new seat? Thanks!

By the time that you spend the money for someone to strip off the old upholstery, straighten the seat frame (possibly not very well, I might add), and then reupholster the seat, you would have spent more money than what a seat from the junkyard would likely cost.

You probably need a new seat, or a used one from a junk yard. This should have been take care of as part of the repairs from the accident. Call your insurance company about this.

Thanks alot! I was looking on ebay but all i found was passg side seat. I’ll have to start looking on yunk yards. Thanks alot for ure input.

Ralph, Was The Repair Work Covered By Insurance? Yes? Call Your Agent.

Was the door right into the seat?

Ask if a seat damaged in that collision would reopen your file. Have a couple of shops verify whether or not the seat sustained accident damage. Then if it did suggest to your agent that the car wasn’t properly repaired, that something was missed. Explain that you don’t feel safe or comfortable with it this way and that it diminishes the car’s value. This can’t be the first time accident has been overlooked.

Plan B. Have a salvage yard locate an identical seat (trim line, color, year, options) and have it installed, if your’s is broken.


True, i didnt noticed it until i got the car back and got a good view of the repairs and i noticed how uncomfortable i felt driving the car. i switched from passg seat to driver seat and i noticed the difference.

Yes car was repaired by progressive. Yes the hit was on the driver side. I will call them tomorrow. Thanks!

I guess you will find out just how progressive they really are!

The seat is an important piece of safety equipment. If it is damaged it should have been fixed or replaced when the other damage to the car was repaired. You should discuss this with your insurance company, it was undetected damage as a result of the accident.

Otherwise, I don’t think it is easy to repair a seat with a bent frame. Replacing it with a new one or a seat from a salvage yard is more likely the way to go.

Replacing seat bottoms and backs was one of my specialities at GM. We had many campaigns regarding seats,seat recliner mechanisms,the bolts for the recliners,electric and manual risers and plenty of seat belt work. GM just could not get this stuff right,kept me busy though.

In your case you are linked to a insurance company. Seat work after a accident is very common.

At our shop they are known as “regressive” and “depressive”.

You need a new seat.