2016 Subaru Legacy - Can frame be repaired?

I was in an accident was hit on rear passenger side, air bags deployed, car had to be towed from scene. it’s been in the shop for almost four weeks now. Today I called for an update and was told that they saw the frame was bent but not to worry it’s fixable. Now my question is this, because this goes against what I’m hearing from friends and family… if they straighten and repair the frame will my car still have its integrity?

Is your insurance company aware of this?

Or are you making the mistake of going through the other guys insurance and not involving yours ?

You don’t have a frame under this car and Yes, it can be repaired if done properly and you won’t be at risk.

However if it’s being paid for by insurance, it’s gonna get totaled, because once the airbags go off, generally that’s the end of it from an insurance perspective.

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This is a 2016 car, not a 2006. Insurance wants to spend as little money as legally permissible.

The company I worked for owned an insurance company. The internal rule was that any repairs costing 70% or more of the vehicle’s book value totalled the vehicle.

Wife got rear ended, stopped at a light, after 3 months of ownership. Nice thing about the lease it did not matter, vs trying to sell the car with $4000 damage claim for being rear ended and repaired.

Could, but won’t…

I managed a body shop for a couple of years and have personally had 3 cars totaled out from under me, so I feel qualified to offer quite a few ideas, some not offered here, and some advice. :+1:

However, it’s been 3 days since @VanessaLamphier posted a question with insufficient information and she/he has not been back to offer up more. :-1:

I have already wasted more time on this than it deserves, probably more time invested than @VanessaLamphier put into it. :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

If @VanessaLamphier stops by again and I notice it I will possibly join the discussion. :wave: