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Camshaft synchronizer

I have a 2001 Ford Windstar with 147,000 miles. I just spent $1100 getting some things fixed and it’s still not running right. From what I have talked to mechanics about it is the camshaft synchronizer. It is squealing and cutting off. Is there a website that shows how to replace this?

Camshaft synchronizer?? Find a new mechanic before he sells you a muffler bearing.

Haynes Manual seems to think that there is such a thing since it’s in there.

I’ve never heard of a camshaft synchronizer.

What’s squealing and cutting off? The camshaft synchronizer or the engine in your Windstar?

Squealing is usually a belt or pulley problem. Sometimes replacing the belt and the tensioner will stop the squealing.

Cutting off is ignition or fuel. Need more info before even guessing which. It would also be nice to know what $1,100 fixed.

tjbell says a Haynes manual has information about a camshaft synchronizer, but he or she didn’t elaborate. Perhaps you need a Haynes manual.

I’d sure like to know what a camshaft synchronizer synchronizes.

Chapter 6 Illustration 5.15 Camshaft position sensor and camshaft synchronizer assembly includes the following 1. Synchro positioning tool 2. timing chain cover 3. clamp 4. oil pump intermediate shaft 5. Camshaft synchronizer 6. Camshaft position sensor 7. Bolt

I am going to check back on this one. Very interesting!!

The camshaft synchronizer is in fact a real part that is not unusual to fail after 100K.

Although $1,100.00 seems at least double the cost of what I think the typical cost should be, that's water under the bridge.

For that Dough however you better have gotten a OEM part.

As far as replacing. The synchronizer took the place of a distributor in a electronic ignition car, and is equivalent in labor replacement, however the part is not as costly.