Ford camshaft synchronizer replacement

2000 ford E-150 4.2L

I need to replace the cam synchronizer. I need to set the vehicle to #1 top dead center and use an alignment tool to set the syncronizer to the correct setting.

Here is my question and my idea. Is it possible to turn the crank until #1 reaches tdc while using the alignment tool to align the current synchronizer? Then remove the the old synchronizer and replace it with the new one using the alignment tool? Would this be acceptable as an alignment process?

If my idea is not an effective method for finding the correct ignition timing for syncronizer replacement,I need specicifications for locating #1 TDC. I also need to know the Spec for proper position of the synchronizer. Please advise and thank you.


First, use a spray cleaner to remove all the oil and gunk on the electrical connector, and wires, on the camshaft position sensor. Second, why aren’t you replacing the cps, first (without replacing the synchronizer)?
If you take careful note of the position of the cps and synchronize, and don’t turn over the engine, you can leave the engine right where it is.