Camshaft Synchronizer - 2003 Mercury Sable


My 2003 recently developed a loud chirping noise under the hood. The Ford dealership in my area indicated the Camshaft Synchronizer and Sensor needed to be replaced - a $700 repair.

1. Is that price “reasonable and customary?”

2. Could a worn Serpentine Belt cause a high pitched chirping? When I took the car to this same dealer a month ago, I was told the Serpentine belt needed to be replaced. Since I was in a hurry, I chose to postpone this repair. However, no mention was made of this worn belt after the recent check up and now I’m paranoid.



So change the serpentine belt and see if it fixes the problem. I haven’t seen a sensor yet that chirps.


the synchronizer is located on the opposite side of the engine in relation to the belts. So if the chirping is on the drivers side its almost a 100% chance its the synchronizer. $700.00 sounds a little high. BTW do not settle for anything less the A OEM Synchronizers, some after market ones have serious problems.